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Hi everybody or should I say everybody high, I smoked more than 40 different tobaccos I smoked in different countries, had more than 30 hookahs so far, I smoke for 10 years now, I blog about it, I sell it and I just love it !!! Support my blog by clicking the +1

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Tip # 4 burned tobacco

The most annoying thing that could happen when you smoke hookah is over burned tobacco, some can not smoke it at all, it can be for many reasons, wind, too much tobacco, strong coals, too many coals, less tobacco and many more reasons..
first look on how to make a proper head (bowl)
here are some more tips to avoid over burned tobacco: 
+ make some more holes
+ make smaller holes
+ check if by any chance you put more or less tobacco
+ don't force and push the tobacco at once, spread it gently
+ smoke often, sometimes people smoke a lot and a lot on one hookah, it's recommended to take a break for a minute or so, once the tobacco is over burned.
+ use a toothpick from the bottom of the bowls, each bowl has several holes at the bottom of it, use a toothpick to make holes on the foil from the bottom of the bowl, as i demonstrate in the picture added (not a painter)

Tip # 3 Bowl

There are two major types of bowls, ceramic and clay. each with it's disadvantages and advantages.

Ceramic bowl: 
The standard Bowl that usually comes when you buy the hookah.

+  less breakable
+ easy to clean
+ different colors
+ different sizes and shapes

- heat up quickly
- more taste side effects

more difficult to find in a normal shop.

+ does not heat up quicly
+ you feel the taste better
+ normally comes in two sizes : small and large (about average size)

- less durable against falling
- 98% of most clay bowls comes in one color
- one standard shape.

In conclusion, if you smoke a lot use the clay, otherwise the ceramic is good too.
My personal preference is the clay.

Tip # 2 Double layer of foil

I've been asked a lot about using double layer of foil. It has it's advantages and disadvantages. 
When you use two layers of foil it actually increase the gap between the tobacco and the coal, that way the tobacco won't burn quickly as usual, and you'll enjoy more. 
It's second advantage it's for outdoor smokers, since the wind burn the coal and the tobacco faster, double layer will prevent it a bit. 
the disadvantage are the health risk and the heat. once you put two layers of foil you inhale more risky gas (since the foil heat up) and the bowl itself heat up faster and you feel it while smoking. 
two all you HL (hookah lovers) out there, if you use nly one coal per hookah, then one layer is always the most recommended, unless you smoke outside and then you should get a windshield or double layer of foil.